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The Micro UV Straggle bodies are flecked in silver or gold and I reckon another reason they did well was that they might have beenseen by the trout to be small fry.
Parr's straggle is particularly difficult because he is forced to come to terms with his feelings of betraying Evie, a person who has always been supportive of him.
Joy, however, didn't know what a Straggle Booby - which is tied with Fritz - looked like and selected a White Fritz Cat Booby.
There was much straggle among allies, with lesbians finding their ground in the women's movement while gay men dominated the other groups.
Yet, in contrast to civil wars, conflicts of this sort do not produce relatively balanced warring parties who share the perception that a critical and decisive military straggle has been joined.
Gusfield takes as his case the battle over Prohibition laws: a lengthy straggle, unimaginable in many other industrial nations.
Joy said: "Someone told James that a Straggle Booby, which got its name because it's got straggly pieces of fritz on it, was doing well.
straggle home eighth after traffic trouble knocked him back early.
A loose narrative emerges as the work's female protagonist moves through a number of public and private spaces while reflecting on reality, memory, and absence ("I straggle to be here now; I straggle not to erase," she proclaims at one point).
Many of us straggle to be more understanding and tolerant, frustrated with both students and ourselves when we fail.
In November 1994, Jasinski and Cronley unexpectedly tendered their resignations, to be effective at season's end, and set off a power straggle that made Leonide Massine's battles with Colonel Wassily de Basil during the 1930s look like child's play.
Now, its buildings straggle irregularly along the top of a slope which falls (quite steeply in places) towards the sun.