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2 : to move away or spread out from others of the same kind <The cabins straggled into the woods.>
He straggled to build the Apple I, and with the little profit from this machine, he began work on the Apple II.
A man in a faded gray raincoat and a flopping black felt hat that nearly concealed the gray hair that straggled over his ears stood on the boat deck of the steamship Rotterdam yesterday, timidly facing a battery of cameramen.
As I straggled to adjust it, my father became impatient.
The author, a member of ASME's Pipeline Division, explains that pipeline engineering has straggled to develop as a single field of study due to the wide range of industries and government organizations using different types of pipelines for all types of solids, liquids, and gases.
The logic of autopoeisis--to create art from art's own inventory--extends to the gallery space that is used quantitatively, as a breeding ground, a territory to be straggled with and conquered.
A classic big-hitter who straggled with finesse shots, she had modest success.
A successful sole practitioner who at one time straggled to attract clients, Ward credits his turnaround to a referral marketing system he developed six years ago.
Examples of twin-primes abound--17 and 19, for instance--but for more than a century, mathematicians have straggled without success to prove the conjecture.
Taxing authorities, courts, the AICPA, and other professional organizations have straggled with defining and regulating these transactions.