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The logic of autopoeisis--to create art from art's own inventory--extends to the gallery space that is used quantitatively, as a breeding ground, a territory to be straggled with and conquered.
Examples of twin-primes abound--17 and 19, for instance--but for more than a century, mathematicians have straggled without success to prove the conjecture.
Taxing authorities, courts, the AICPA, and other professional organizations have straggled with defining and regulating these transactions.
John's Gospel straggled in close to the year 100 A.
The Toon Army had straggled back to the North East in doleful retreat.
In the opening program's Serenade, ensembles straggled and there was insufficient attack.
Metro's domestic cash & carry business has straggled in recent years, recording just a 0.
CREATIVE COIF: The burning question of the night at the Creative Coalition Awards and Gift Gala Tuesday wasn't why people in Los Angeles can't drive in the rain - although that was a big topic of conversation as slightly damp attendees straggled in to the Luxe Hotel on Sunset - nor was it why funding for the arts has been cut dramatically.
To put that in perspective, Caroline Rhea's talker straggled in the 1.
A few more straggled in at about five minutes to 7.
Paleontologists have long regarded vertebrates as latecomers who straggled into evolutionary history after much of the initial sound and fury had fizzled.