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Over the years, astronomers have come up with three explanations for how blue stragglers cover their age: Each straggler could have collided with another star and absorbed matter from it; it could have existed in a star trio and merged with a companion; or it could have stolen mass from another star.
Analysing the observational data, the team found that a few clusters appeared young, with blue straggler stars distributed throughout, while a larger group appeared old, with the blue stragglers clumped in the centre.
For over centuries, astronomers and scientists have explored the space to spot the blue stragglers, popularly known as the Vampire stars to study the unique mechanism of formation of these stars.
One straggler fell at the first so that leaves thoroughbred Mario Gomez and the perfectly groomed Cristiano Ronaldo.
The star either dipped into the Fountain of Youth by becoming a blue straggler, or it was flung out of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighboring galaxy.
Along the way, Howl's haunt picks up a straggler, Sophie, a dutifully unhappy youngster (Emily Mortimer) transformed into an elderly woman (Simmons) by the mercurial Witch of the Waste (Bacall).
It was not until 1915 that the two police units worked together in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, focusing on traffic and straggler control.
A fifth straggler, however, turns out to be so massive that it could only have formed by the collision of three or more stars, Saffer's team calculates.
A team of astronomers used Hubble to study the blue straggler star content in Messier 30, which formed 13 billion years ago and was discovered in 1764 by Charles Messier.
Although considered a straggler, the capture of the fish led to the discovery of the first documented population, off the remote Comoros Islands.
That means if a given blue straggler formed with the rest of its star cluster, it should have died billions of years ago," Knigge said.
The Stardust Race and Sports Book, a bit north of the newer establishments yet one of the more famous gathering places for crusty hardcore bettors since the mid '70s, had most of its 300 seats claimed by daybreak - much to the disappointment of one hefty straggler who came through the glass doors with a couple of bags of McGriddled food-stuff from the nearby McDonald's in one hand, two long-neck Budweisers in the other and scraps of newspapers and notes tucked under his arm.