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Those only who have experienced the warm cordiality that grows up between comrades in wild and adventurous expeditions of the kind, can picture to themselves the hearty cheering with which the stragglers were welcomed to the camp.
Stragglers arrived in groups continually; but once here those perambulating corpses separated; each begged for himself a place near a fire; repulsed repeatedly, they met again, to obtain by force the hospitality already refused to them.
At a few steps distant from the vehicle he now found a company of some thirty stragglers collected around an immense fire, which they were feeding with planks, caisson covers, wheels, and broken carriages.
The advance, with Heyward at its head, had already reached the defile, and was slowly disappearing, when the attention of Cora was drawn to a collection of stragglers by the sounds of contention.
Proceeding to the former camping ground of the Nez Perces, they found the lodges deserted; upon which they hid themselves among the willows and thickets, watching for some straggler who might guide them to the present "whereabout" of their intended victims.
Save yourself -- and go, before some straggler see thee here, and report it.
In the late afternoon, all but four of the primates had been rounded up and the search was on for the stragglers.
The AFP's clearing operations are focused on the remaining areas of Marawi City believed to hold terrorist stragglers and some family members fighting for survival and hiding it out in the hope of escaping the main battle area," he said.
These nine stragglers are believed to be part of the remaining Maute-ISIS terrorists who attacked Marawi City on May 23,' Joint Task Force Ranao deputy commander Col.
There were stragglers that were still left, and they are the subjects of our manhunt [operations].
Fresh fries were cooked for me by a second person who then tipped them onto the touched stragglers which had not been thrown away.
Blitz stragglers Cut straggly pansy plants back hard to encourage strong new shoots to grow from the base which may flower again during mild winter and spring months.