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It is precisely the progressive character of colonialism that is/was contested by nationalist histories - the straggle between them was first and foremost a discursive one.
Gusfield takes as his case the battle over Prohibition laws: a lengthy straggle, unimaginable in many other industrial nations.
Middle America isn't watching any two guys tango and tangle; they're observing an elegant reconstruction of the true, albeit vastly abridged, story of this couple's straggles and triumphs.
But for Arabs and Jews in the Palestine of those years there could be no way of knowing precisely what the future would bring; and not a few individuals and groups sought to actively shape that future by participating in the political and socioeconomic straggles of the day (pp.
Deep in the heart of the mountainous Gifu Prefecture in central Japan (west of Tokyo and east of Osaka) is a little settlement which straggles along a fiercely rushing river that has formed a steep-sided valley; the sides are covered with that natural dark green tapestry of bamboo, conifer, and deciduous trees that makes the texture of the Japanese countryside so magical and unforgettable.
In such straggles against private groups," Broder continues, "money will be important, not just in spreading the message but in hiring the people who know how to engineer quick responses.