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retail sales kept stock indexes straggling as summer gave way to autumn, according to an Associated Press report.
EPA scientists and investigators were straggling to document the Libby problem in the late 1990s, they uncovered reports from 1980 and 1982 that had already characterized the problem.
The show began 20 minutes late, and concert-goers were straggling in willy-nilly with drinks throughout the performance.
In fact, that's what the company will need in an environment beset by straggling independent distribs increasingly competing for the same midbudget films.
The group followed roughly the same route of this West Side Road before straggling to a halt in an utterly desolate area.
The song sounds much stronger and clearer with the whole congregation singing together as one, instead of one straggling voice trying to keep up with the music.
The physician recruitment process can be long, laborious and a significant time burden on existing physicians who are already straggling to meet the needs of their practice.
Alfonso Pasquel Barcenas quit as general director and president of Aeromexico on July 3, as the straggling airline continued to deal with what it calls an unfavorable marketplace and whispers of threatening bankruptcy continue to fill the halls of the nation's top airline.
is struggling to maintain homeland security and boost its economy, the nation's schools are straggling to juggle budget cuts with improving academics.
Researchers are Straggling to identify factors that will predict individual success or failure.
What does seem to have been striking about the physical geography of the Potteries was their straggling character as the industrial plant was scattered across the countryside round and about the commercial center of Stoke-on-Trent.