straight course

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As I sped through the air the screeching of the bullets around me convinced me that only by a miracle could I escape, but the die was cast, and throwing on full speed I raced a straight course toward Helium.
This line, owing to the capricious turnings of the Vindhia Mountains, did not pursue a straight course.
The canoe whirled with each cunning evolution of the chase, like a bubble floating in a whirlpool; and when the direction of the pursuit admitted of a straight course the little bark skimmed the lake with a velocity that urged the deer to seek its safety in some new turn.
The aeroplane swerved into a straight course from its last curve and followed.
Now to get from there to the Linnhe Loch, the straight course was through the narrows of the Sound of Mull.
The six boats, spreading out fan-wise from the schooner until the first weather boat and the last lee boat were anywhere from ten to twenty miles apart, cruised along a straight course over the sea till nightfall or bad weather drove them in.
And there was grief in her bosom over parting with him, and joy in the hope of his being put in a straight course at last.
Owing, however, to the Tramontana rising a little, and the sea growing somewhat rough, it was impossible for us to keep a straight course for Majorca, and we were compelled to coast in the direction of Oran, not without great uneasiness on our part lest we should be observed from the town of Shershel, which lies on that coast, not more than sixty miles from Algiers.
Pending the inevitable delay in reaching that result, the straight course was (in Sir Patrick's present state of uncertainty) the only course to follow in laying down the law.
The object of my digression from the straight course of Miss Haldin's relation
8 Watering Approximately 20-25mm applied to straight course since last Friday and around 15mm applied to round course since Monday.
Turf) Undulating left-handed course of 1m 4f, there is a 3f run-in, races up to 7f are run on the straight course.