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A popular actor known for his portrayal of a gay persona long before Ellen, Rosie, or "Will & Grace", Lynde dared to sneak doses of slanted wit into American living rooms during a noticeably more straight-laced era than today.
He was conservative in the same paradoxical way as the Dutch themselves have often appeared to be--at once straight-laced traditional and highly liberal or for-ward-looking.
But when your normally straight-laced and very sensible girlfriend ends up in bed with your mother and your mother's boyfriend, you really have got something to worry about.
The whole cast links well, but Ann Marlow in particular is terrific as straight-laced daughter Madge, while Mandi Nichols is a delight as the effervescent Carol.
Having been raised in an orphanage, straight-laced Isabel is firmly dedicated to the right-to-life movement.
Through Neville, we meet his straight-laced brother Matt (Martin Cummins), a second-rate boxer determined to succeed, and Niko (hip-hop sensation Deborah Cox in her first movie film role), a sultry singer who falls for Neville despite herself.
That does not mean they are straight-laced and dour, though; indeed, they are quite musically enjoyable.
Instead, he is out to change EDS, the straight-laced operator of technology functions that the mercurial Ross Perot founded in 1962 and sold to General Motors in 1984.
After butting heads with a number of Burmese customs, the rather straight-laced delegation concluded a deal and headed for home.
A wrinkle or slouch in a boot gives the normally straight-laced look a funky edge.
It's only seeing Floyd in contrast to the straight-laced shows that preceded him that you appreciate just what a sea-change he represented and how completely he tore up the presenting rule book.
But his two daughters are greedy for power, and ruthless in their machinations, while his straight-laced son is caught in the middle, wanting only to see his beloved father get proper elder care.