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Right now it's hidden behind being straight-acting, straight-thinking, straight-feeling, and straight privilege.
Countless people will have cause to thank Jim Thomson's straight-thinking approach to this matter.
Come on journos, straight-thinking authorities and people - all males were bachelors to begin with
But it was Shirley's no-nonsense and straight-thinking approach to all matters was a most refreshing characteristic, a skill harnessed over many years, inspiring so many that have been blessed with her friendship.
Why is it that a furry animal can get normal straight-thinking people up in arms?
Okay, so she's not interested in vans, but it illustrates a difference between straight-thinking, practical, blokey mindset and the fluffy, pink, image-conscious female one.
I am an elderly lady who has been driving for 35 years with no convictions, partially disabled, but still straight-thinking.
Linda's also ballsy, straight-thinking and forthright - she doesn't bullshit easily.
How could any straight-thinking person consider a man who cuts off a girl's arms as sane?
I have known several members of BearingPoint's management team for decades and know them to be innovative, straight-thinking and hard working.