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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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To overcome the limitations of a short straightedge and to better measure the roughness the motorist feels, devices with names like profilometer and profilograph were developed.
With the straightedge and the utility knife, cut firmly between pairs of marks - leaving 1/2 inch left uncut on the base edge (C) - to make 20 uniform strips that hang like fringe from the base edge (D).
I lay a straightedge on top of the gas block and lay another straightedge on top of the receiver then just sight over the top and rotate the gas block to align the two straightedges parallel.
The first step is to measure the area you wish the board to cover and then cut the homosote to size using an X-Acto knife and a straightedge.
He discovered that it is no simple matter for a young child to hold a straightedge steady on the desk with one hand while drawing a line with the other.
The Regent Spa -- selected for Conde Nast Traveler's "Hot List" 2008 -- is a destination unto itself, with six new treatment cottages in a private garden, and an appropriately masculine space for male-oriented treatments like straightedge, hot towel shaves in front of sports-tuned flat-screen TV.
Most of the stuff is from the Northeast (but not all), and revolves around HC and straightedge stuff.
Other supplies required are a straightedge ruler, a pencil or pen, a flat paintbrush, a supply of acrylic paints (art and craft stores sell them in 4-ounce bottles), and newsprint or scrap paper.
While I used a straightedge to ensure I didn't have high or low spots when shaping the stock, I didn't attempt or even want to make it as perfect as you would with a sporter.
Early on, the straightedge movement and religious fundamentalism (both Christian and Muslim are widespread) pushed kids to crusade against the evils of alcohol.
Put it in your girlfriend's purse and, if caught, let her take the fall while you enjoy the show Dare I go on being a straightedge lame-o?