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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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Then compress the insulation with a straightedge and cut with a utility knife.
Though in classical construction problems it was customary to use two tools--a straightedge without gradations (unmarked ruler) and a compass, it is known that it is possible to make do with much less.
Clamp a straightedge along marked line, holding door and offcuts in position so door doesn't drop when you finish your cut.
The students noted that Steiner's proof was comparable to the solution of their problem (the proof of which is given below) and thus were stimulated to continue researching the use of the Steiner theorem for the trapezium, which ultimately led to an interest in general geometric constructions according to the rules of ancient Greek mathematics, and building geometric figures using a straightedge only.
If it's a flattop gas block, I just lay a straightedge on top and align it with the flattop upper receiver.
g inches to the map scale using my straightedge ruler.
The modified highway straightedge is the tool of choice because it can also be used as a reference line to identify high and low spots on the floor surface.
Use a straightedge and a sharp utility knife or hand-held power tool to cut off the bottoms in a straight line.
This kit combines the features of a transit, an infinitely long straightedge, and laser alignment system all in one compact, portable, versatile product.
The problem of Apollonius requires straightedge and compass construction which has made it so interesting and many mathematicians have tried to solve it.
1 Maroon at ACB Hall, Tokyo Maroon invited me to see this show, and I was intrigued since I had heard they were a vegan straightedge metalcore band from Germany.
First, you'll need to round up a straightedge, hobby knife, and heat gun.