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He demanded compensation for some fancied injury, would hear nothing of the valuable dog he had killed or the window he had broken, obliged Grubb by sheer physical obduracy to straighten his buckled front wheel, and pestered the struggling firm with a series of inhumanly worded solicitor's letters.
Thomson had risen to his feet and leaned forward towards the mirror for a moment to straighten his tie.
Then she went to Sio to straighten out things there.
But you tell the manager I'm going to work and that I'll be in in a month or so and straighten up.
A knock at the private door into the hall made him straighten up with an eagerness that he did not attempt to mask.
The sled was upside down and jammed between a tree-trunk and a huge rock, and they were forced to unharness the dogs in order to straighten out the tangle.
He felt a sleepy but strong desire to straighten things out and have a perfect understanding with everybody.
Those of us who have been out of place resume our positions; the men resting at ease straighten themselves, and the ranks are reformed without a command.
He took hold of the left foot and tried to straighten the leg.
Maybe for ten minutes they cough, maybe for half an hour, and then they straighten up, the tears from the coughing frozen on their faces, and the words they say are, 'Come, let us go on.
Cecily, set those pots in the pantry quick--hide those boots, Felix--shut the cupboard door, Peter--Sara, straighten up the lounge.
And her heels were of the height at which men shudder, and ask themselves (in contemplating an otherwise lovable woman), "Can this charming person straighten her knees?