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The campaign urges parents and carers to turn straighteners straight off, and put them straight away.
Shoppers can bag a pair of theiconic straighteners for a thrifty [pounds sterling]73.99rather than [pounds sterling]109.00 - which is quite the saving.
"RoSPA is aware of children, in particular, suffering burns, but adults are also at risk of suffering burns from hair straighteners.
This is the reason why Salona is already making a big difference in the business of hair care (salon) by means of highly creative and innovative salon products like the Salona Professional 1" Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener.
At temperatures of up to 230 degrees, hair straighteners are hot enough to cook a fried breakfast on.
With Braun's Professional Ceramic Straighteners, you will not only achieve healthy straight hair of salon standards but will also receive a complementary heat resistant beauty case during the month of April!.
Paying a higher price also did not guarantee a better straightener, and neither did the brand names.
Other features of these units include 10" range-adjustable cabinet height; central lubrication system; hand crank adjustment of entry vertical guides; material width indicators; air operated; pushbutton-controlled straightener pinch rolls, and entry and exit support extensions.
The straightener is suitable for thin stock materials from 0.004 to 0.04 in.
As Figure 2 shows, the amount of slack material available in the loop is the difference between, one, the horizontal distance between feed and straightener, and two, the total length of material in the loop.