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Straighteners can reach temperatures of up to 220C and remain hot for up to eight minutes after they have been switched off.
But most honest hairdressers will tell you other hair straighteners are just as good, heat up just as quickly and, unless you're ironing your hair several times a day, will cause no more damage.
Over the past six months, according to Riese, sales in the overall hair-care category have advanced by 7 percent over the same period last year; for straighteners alone, the sales increase in that same period was 15 percent.
Available from Argos and Boots, the Thermaglass Straightener cost pounds 80.
The trick is to make them a habit - like putting your straighteners in the same place out of young children's reach - that way you'll feel less like you constantly need eyes in the back of your head.
Dr David Wilson, a burns consultant from Birmingham Children's Hospital, said: "We are concerned by the number of contact burns caused by hair straighteners in recent years.
So why do I have a cucumber straightener in my collection of medical stuff?
This process can be a little offputting as you do hear sizzling and see what looks like smoke coming from your straighteners.
5 inches, and retail for about $40, which is about $10 higher than its straighteners already on the market.
Welsh hairdressing salons and shops such as Boots are now reporting increasing sales of ceramic straighteners for men's use.
Unless you're using a specially designed product, if you see steam or your straightener starts to sizzle, this is drawing moisture from the hair, and will leave it dry and damaged.