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Here's our guide to making sure your straighteners are a danger-free zone.
This is the reason why Salona is already making a big difference in the business of hair care (salon) by means of highly creative and innovative salon products like the Salona Professional 1" Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener.
At temperatures of up to 230 degrees, hair straighteners are hot enough to cook a fried breakfast on.
For women that do not colour their hair , Braun's SatinLiner Ion Shine Straightener has a built-in ion shine system that is designed to relax the hair leaving it not only static and frizz free but stunningly straight, shiny and healthy-looking.
To see how the straighteners perform on hair that's still attached to someone's head, nine staffers tried them at home.
Other features of these units include 10" range-adjustable cabinet height; central lubrication system; hand crank adjustment of entry vertical guides; material width indicators; air operated; pushbutton-controlled straightener pinch rolls, and entry and exit support extensions.
As Figure 2 shows, the amount of slack material available in the loop is the difference between, one, the horizontal distance between feed and straightener, and two, the total length of material in the loop.
The damage that can be caused to hair that is routinely subjected to straightening appliances is a common problem, and with the development of Healthy Infusions[TM] hair straightener we have provided an uncommon solution.
Hair straighteners can reach temperatures in excess of 200 NO JOKE THE truth is, injuries caused by heated hair appliances, like tongs and straighteners, are no laughing matter.
The investigation was conducted following concerns that the number of hair straightener burns among children has doubled in recent years and now account for nearly 1 in ten burns.