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London, March 07 (ANI): A hair straightening treatment - dubbed the Brazilian blow-dry- has raised eyebrows as it is leaving women with deep disturbing side effects.
Straightening African hair with alkaline cream relaxers is by far the most damaging process of all known cosmetic hair chemical treatments.
Helen of Troy also markets the Vidal Sassoon VS194 Gold Series Professional Straightener, with a separate heating system in each gold-plated straightening plate, which maintains constant high heat for best results.
IF all that straightening is leaving your hair damaged and dry use Charles Worthington Results Moisture Seal Hair Healer Intensive Leave- in Conditioner pounds 4.
Despite predictions that curly hair is coming back into fashion, it's unlikely that most women will be easily parted from their straightening irons.
If you have been paying attention to developments in hair care over the last year or so then you will no doubt have heard whisperings about Japanese Hair Straightening.
The three-step process (use of a conditioning oil, straightening cream and straightening sealant) does not require heat application and can be completed in less than an hour versus the half day required of the more expensive salon services.
Wella has developed two techniques using Wellastrate: Cold Straightening and Heat Straightening.
Apply a straightening balm through towel-dried hair then section the hair into 3cm sections, starting from the nape of the neck working upwards to the crown.
The survey was carried out on behalf of US company Align Technology, which is launching a new nearly invisible way of straightening teeth.
Straightening the legs can cause a player to lift his or her head coming though the impact zone.
an authority on luxury hair care, today announced it is one of a select group of salons offering the latest hair straightening process, which can transform unruly frizz or curls into silky, pin straight locks--permanently.