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The street called Straight is straighter than a corkscrew, but not as straight as a rainbow.
The street became a little straighter just before he reached the next flare, and as he came within sight of it he saw silhouetted against a patch of light the figure of a lion.
He thought that as she talked the woman's body was changing, that she was becom- ing younger, straighter, stronger.
Or if you will plough against me, let us each take a yoke of tawny oxen, well-mated and of great strength and endurance: turn me into a four acre field, and see whether you or I can drive the straighter furrow.
Thee't made to be loved--for where's there a straighter cliverer man?
You, indeed, may put up with that "minois chiffone"; but when I marry I must have straighter and more harmonious features, to say nothing of a nobler and better developed shape than that perverse, ill-thriven child can boast.
When John was young, eyesight was not straighter than his bullet.
Besides, our cow has a calf, and that will set us a bit straighter.
As he paused with his piece of chalk at the black board before writing on it, he was thinking of the spot, and whether the water was not deeper and the fall straighter, a little higher up, or a little lower down.
Ali revealed: "Belly said, 'Look, this is what you've got to do to be consistent in the Test side, this is what Graeme Swann did, bowl quicker and straighter, especially on a first-day pitch'.
The riding position on a racer doesn't suit everyone, so look for something else if you prefer to have a straighter back.