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He traveled lightly; but his yew bow must needs have a new string, and his cloth-yard arrows must be of the straightest and soundest.
Fearless among his blood enemies he stood, taller by a full head than many of Mbonga's warriors, straight as their straightest arrow, muscled like Numa, the lion.
A fieldpoint has no airfoil and should fly the straightest for all distances.
The winner of each race is judged as being the first to cross the finish line, travelling in the straightest possible line.
Kathy Hitchcock took the straightest drive on Mansion House.
There are prizes for first, second and third, nearest the pin on par threes and straightest drives.
A straightest drive contest on hole 4 was won by last year's ladies captain and creator of the tournament, Anne Quintino, and the longest putt contest on hole 17 was won by Les Flintham.
Competitive action on the day will include a singles 18-hole tournament for both men and women, as well as challenges such as longest drive, straightest drive and nearest the pin in two shots.
Kumar also hit the straightest drive on the second hole.
THE Danish composer Carl Nielsen wrote that in music "the simplest is the hardestthe straightest the strongest.
Awards were also presented for Nearest the Pin, Best Front Nine, Best Back Nine, Straightest Drive and Longest Drive.
Our drill pipe manufacturing process produces a pipe unlike any other--it's the strongest, straightest, pipe available," said Seth Matthesen, Product Manager.