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However, the realities of imposing such a charge seem less straightforward; pursuing such a policy raises the questions of how?
Founded in 2006, StraightForward Methods, LLC provides consulting and productivity Tool Kits for Business Process Management (BPM) and Product Management and Marketing.
Camelot: St Leger victory "should be quite straightforward" says Nijinsky's rider Lester Piggott (left)
Although straightforward in mountaineering terms, it's no place to be without an ice axe and crampons when snow and ice cover the upper reaches of the mountain.
Leaders Manchester United went ten points clear at the top of the Premier League as they enjoyed a straightforward 2-0 win at home to Fulham.
"Over the next few weeks I will go round the country -- the length and breadth of our land -- and I will take to the people a very straightforward and clear message: Britain is on the road to recovery and nothing we do should put that recovery at risk," he said.
"The Futures Plain and Simple" is a sound and straightforward investment guide for rookie investors who want to start their foray into trading successfully.
The two texts propose that the member states increase their contacts prior to notification of aid measures so as to eliminate potential problems early in the process, and include a set of improved planning tools to tackle both difficult and straightforward cases.
The purpose of the Traders' Combined Insurance Policy is to allow entrepreneurs to focus on running their business by providing straightforward insurance coverage at a competitive price, which covers most of the risks the business is expected to face.
There are some very straightforward things that Kirklees highways officers will know without the spending of pounds 35,000.
The LA Galaxy midfielder's former boss at Manchester United said it was a "straightforward" decision based on Beckham's fitness.
How to Raise Chickens is an all-inclusive guide, written in straightforward terms to be accessible to readers of all backgrounds, whether they want to raise 5 or 50 chickens, on a small city lot or a 40-acre farm, for eggs or for show.