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Sir Alastair Graham seems a very honest and straightforward man but if he perseveres in his critique of current politicians, he is likely to end up losing his job.
Lord Deedes told the congregation: 'He was the most straightforward and forthright of men, who would deplore any false note struck in his memory.
Outsmarting Depression: Surviving The Corssfire Of The Mental Health Wars is a straightforward self-help guide by journalist and mental health advocate Debbie Thurman, herself a "psychiatric survivor" of Major Depressive Disorder.
Written for children's librarians of all experience levels from novice to seasoned, Outstanding Library Service to Children delivers distilled expertise in straightforward, no-nonsense terms with examples, suggested reading lists, and an index for quick and easy reference.
All words are present in context in a continuous story, and straightforward definitions plus sentences that clearly illustrate their usage.