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McManus defines self-regulation most straightforwardly when he stated, "Given the broadest definition, self-regulated learning (SRL) is an amalgam of numerous cognitive, metacognitive, motivational, and social factors which effect how a learner approaches learning" (McManus, 1995, paragraph 3).
In the spirit of dealing straightforwardly with our differences and building on common interests the President paid an unprecedented two visits to China in his first 13 months in office, and hosted President Jiang Zemin in Crawford last October.
Birg straightforwardly traces the shortfall to the one third of German women who now remain childless.
In one sense, it is a straightforwardly realistic narrative, but the circumstances the children face are almost unimaginable, certainly to children in the West.
As always, the reason for the closures is straightforwardly financial.
Dennis Behreandt's lucid article "Y2K and 9-11" (August 12th issue of TNA) states the problem articulately and straightforwardly.
It's for parents not the State to answer children's questions straightforwardly.
The OD team began its process by focusing on issues that they could address most straightforwardly.
The mystery is straightforwardly told, without many of Nava's trademark twists and turns.
During these two years, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney introduced abortion legislation hailed by the media as "moderate" and as "a satisfying compromise" when in reality it was straightforwardly pro-abortion.
The artist here does not portray matters so straightforwardly.
At least, we can say straightforwardly, as far as primary human rights are concerned - the right to work, the right for a wage, the right to life, religious rights, those of ethnic minorities, etc.