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Yet when Berman speaks about his hit Lifetime series and the effect it's had on viewers, there's a straightforwardness in his speaking manner and a directness in his gaze that can only come with maturity.
He also explained that they are working diligently to guarantee that this government continues the same course of transparency and straightforwardness.
He said that the late general/political leader and the whole province acknowledge his truthfulness and always exhibit straightforwardness.
Both musicians have realised the beauty of simplicity and straightforwardness.
Many Indians asked about him and how I as a Pakistani felt about "the General" as they were afraid of his straightforwardness and bold approach.
During her tenure with her previous firm, she earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, and straightforwardness.
Much the same as when counseling a client, honesty and straightforwardness will best help you in your interview.
He was not a jockey dripping with prodigious natural talent, but through graft, persistence, manners and old-fashioned qualities such as punctuality and straightforwardness he fashioned himself into an extremely successful and respected one.
Yorkshire-bor n White - at one time the youngest chef ever to be awarded three Michelin stars - says he believes his new venues will be open to all, and that the future of eating out is "affordable glamour, straightforwardness, back to basics".
Baker's absence of affectations and disarming straightforwardness resonated with Americans in the 1960s, but, as Shail aptly comments, "he was also able to suggest a vulnerability and complexity which made [his] masculinity more compelling and revealing.
I thought her simple straightforwardness was refreshing--until I read that she referred to Jesus Christ as "my Jesus," which struck me as a bit presumptuous.
The straightforwardness of the logotype in the top-left comer of the cover works with the look of the magazine, but I feel that a more developed but still minimal logo would make the magazine more distinctive and give it immediate recognition.