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Yorkshire-bor n White - at one time the youngest chef ever to be awarded three Michelin stars - says he believes his new venues will be open to all, and that the future of eating out is "affordable glamour, straightforwardness, back to basics".
An eco-friendly CG-animated yarn about the misadventures of a jinxed feline and his furry, feathered friends, "The Missing Lynx: Paws on the Run" puts over its message about species extinction with refreshing straightforwardness and the lightest of touches.
Baker's absence of affectations and disarming straightforwardness resonated with Americans in the 1960s, but, as Shail aptly comments, "he was also able to suggest a vulnerability and complexity which made [his] masculinity more compelling and revealing.
I thought her simple straightforwardness was refreshing--until I read that she referred to Jesus Christ as "my Jesus," which struck me as a bit presumptuous.
At the time, the Western Sahara conflict had entered its third year, and diplomatic efforts were aimed at holding a straightforwardness summit between the leaders of the two countries, in order to discuss the issues of disagreement.
The new branding, logo and tagline deliver a strong visual identity, while retaining the brand name, the dog imagery and the attributes of loyalty, straightforwardness and trust.
In his classroom, Bunch communicates ideas with sincerity and straightforwardness in order to develop a good relationship with his students.
De Angelis personally and have had the opportunity to appreciate his competence as well as his dedication and straightforwardness," the company announced.
When I think of British food I think of straightforwardness, I think of honesty, I think of a generous portion," he states.
Her writing is so descriptive that you truly feel like you are there with her and her humor and straightforwardness will definitely keep you entertained.
The shopping experience at Bloom, for example, is associated with such qualities as optimism, straightforwardness and thoughtfulness.
The apology is an art form of humility, accountability, straightforwardness and resolution.