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Instead it was all about biomechanical strengthening, re-training the muscles of the body to work differently in order to take strain off the lower back.
The 101 number was brought in to take the strain off the 999 service and make it easier for people to report less urgent crimes or speak to a local officer.
The 23 year old netted 12 goals in 28 starts for Sociedad in that temporary loan spell and was subsequently sold in the summer of 2012 as the north Londoners looked to take strain off their wage bill.
However, the authorities appear to be hoping that funds will start being raised in the local capital markets, taking some of the strain off banks and helping address maturity mismatches stemming from long term project finance needs.
So with the 'silver sterling' strong, long-haul exotic holidays to places like Jamaica and Cuba are becoming as popular as all-inclusive holidays to Turkey and Spain, enter the competition to help you take the strain off your bank account.
With customers looking for the best all-round deals, Better By Miles is confident that not only will the range please on price but, more than that, they will take some of the strain off the running costs that so many businesses are having to bear on a day-to-day basis.
Once you're immersed, the water takes the strain off your body so that your limbs become weightless and stiff joints are relieved of discomfort.
I am one of the lucky ones with power, water, phone and sewerage, so I am trying to do as many hours as I can to take a bit of the strain off those with only some, or none, of these things.
Stefan Wojciechowski, the former head of newspapers and magazines at the National Federation of Retail Newsagents, has returned to the industry with a new service aimed at taking the strain off newsagents struggling to finance their paper rounds.
Rod said Ruby was going to sing a few songs to take the strain off him a bit.
Bloor Homes started offering equity support schemes to take the strain off struggling homebuyers.
To communicate more effectively, take the strain off your reader's brain by adopting a concise writing style for the body of your message that suits this speedy form of communication.