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7TH INNING STRETCH Strained silicon has become ready for the production line at just the right time.
The SSDOI structure was created by transferring strained Si grown epitaxially, or layer by layer, on relaxed SiGe to a buried oxide layer.
Freescale is breaking new ground by incorporating innovative materials, structures and processes into our transistor roadmap as evidenced by this strained SOI technology breakthrough.
In the strained silicon, electrons experience less resistance and flow up to 70 percent faster, which can lead to chips that are up to 35 percent faster - without having to shrink the size of transistors.
In addition to the quality improvement, this breakthrough also can be accomplished with a thinner strained silicon substrate, thereby significantly reducing growth time--the largest factor in fabrication expense.
AmberWave Systems, with its extensive patent portfolio, is the semiconductor industry's leader in developing IP relating to strained silicon material and device technology and other advanced semiconductor materials and devices.
Using AmberWave's strained silicon technology and the Applied Centura RP Epi system, we created a highly manufacturable 300mm strained silicon epitaxial process for advanced substrates used in developing high-performance transistor designs," said Dr.
In prior strained silicon technologies, the silicon film is stressed through its epitaxial growth onto a relaxed silicon-germanium layer.
The paper described the 90nm process as strained CMOS with silicon-on-insulator (SOI), with a minimum gate length of 46nm, three (3) gate dielectric thicknesses between 1-2nm, and an SRAM cell size of 1.
AmberWave is planning to use the funds to fully commercialize its strained silicon technology.
Strained silicon is a materials-based approach to achieving performance improvements and is applicable to a vast array of semiconductor-based products.
AmberWave Systems, the semiconductor industry's leading supplier of strained silicon technology, today announced that it has secured exclusive rights to sublicense nine key strained silicon patents from Agere Systems.