strained relations

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The mockery ceased, but the hostility remained, and cold and strained relations became permanent between us.
It will be remembered that in 1939, because of the Pickard incident, strained relations existed between the two countries.
Macewen; and the presence of these strangers relieved what might have been otherwise a somewhat strained relation.
The move has come in the backdrop of Pakistan's strained relations with not just the US but European countries too that are Pakistan's trading partners and major donors to international money-lending bodies.
Summary: Seoul [South Korea], Jan 9 (ANI): North Korea on Tuesday announced it was willing to hold military talks with its arch-rivals South Korea, signalling a further thaw in the strained relations between the two countries.
This murder has since led to strained relations between Italy and Egypt.
Pence said he would visit Bethlehem despite strained relations with the Palestinians.
The papers noted that the outcomes of the visit will be reflected positively on the events in the Arab region including the crises in Syria and Yemen as well as strained relations with Iran, pointing out that the King's visit to Moscow marks the culmination of the successes of the Saudi diplomacy capable of strengthening ties with all countries of the world in the light of their common interests.
Issued by the Taoiseach's department before the latest alert, it also highlights strained relations with Russia, the ongoing conflict in Syria and tensions in the wider Middle East.
Just like Turkey, US and other countries, Pakistan has announced to expedite efforts to find cure to the current crisis as Islamabad can't afford to have strained relations with any of the gulf state.
He added that the recent decision by German authorities to grant asylum to a number of Turkish ex-military personnel suspected by Ankara of having links to Fetullah Group has strained relations with Berlin.
He said, "India should now accept the reality that dialogue is the ultimate solution to all disputes with Pakistan and flaring up the border situation will only add to the already strained relations between the two neighbors.