strained relations

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The mockery ceased, but the hostility remained, and cold and strained relations became permanent between us.
It will be remembered that in 1939, because of the Pickard incident, strained relations existed between the two countries.
Macewen; and the presence of these strangers relieved what might have been otherwise a somewhat strained relation. Ere they departed, the family was welded once more into a fair semblance of unity.
25 last year, sparking a major crisis amid already strained relations between the two countries.
Turkey, on the one hand, and Greece and Cyprus on the other hand, have strained relations with the start of exploration for oil and gas in the east Mediterranean.
Strained relations between Pakistan and India have made it difficult for Sikh pilgrims to take part in religious activities.
She had, however, strained relations with her in-laws.
STRAINED RELATIONS The US has accused Iran of being behind a series of operations against oil tankers in highly sensitive Gulf waters.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], June 1 (ANI): In a move likely to plunge the already strained relations between the United States and Pakistan to a new low, Washington on Friday announced that it has withdrawn its tax exemption programme for Pakistani diplomats.
The detainments were seen as a tit-for-tat move by Beijing and have strained relations between China, the US and Canada.
According to Khuiratta police, deceased Mahmood's daughter, who was married to Qadeer in Choki Kahuta village, had strained relations with her spouse.
Washington -- After months of strained relations between Islamabad and Washington, United States President Donald Trump on Friday said ties with Pakistan were 'very good' at the moment.