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But Scorch''s strait-laced older brother Gary (Rob Corddry), who works as a controller at Baab''s space agency BASA, is unimpressed.
The real asset of the novels are the charming characters, especially strait-laced John and his acolyte Danny and the amusing style of writing moving the tales ahead at a brisk pace.
Lynx also known as Axe in many parts of the world, has created their raunchiest advert till date, which features a strait-laced 1950's style voice-over giving a factual break down of the rules while the models demonstrate various aspects of the game, the Daily Mail reported.
To French comic book artist Joann Sfar, growing up in a strait-laced observant family in the 1970s, Gainsbourg—born Lucien Ginsberg in 1928—was a hero.
Even the most ambitious advertiser in strait-laced Victorian times was not brave enough to depict a bed in an ad - it was always hidden behind curtains.
Unnur Osp Stefansdottir is also excellent as Gregor's sister Grete and all the cast deserve praise - Tom Mannion as the strait-laced and unbelieving father, Elva Osk Olafsdottir as the distraught mother, and Jonathan McGuinness who doubles up as Herr Fischer and Herr Stietl.
One of the most strait-laced characters on teen soap Rownd a Rownd will be faced with a dilemma when she is offered drugs by another character.
Only in the strait-laced world of racing would you find a storm brewing over the use of a quite legitimate and eminently sensible marketing tactic.
Beginning June 21, Brolin will play Austin, the strait-laced screenwriter, and Koteas will play Lee, the drifter.
The strait-laced certainties of the villa or terraced house are giving way to new forms of living and Van Berkel & Bos' vision of domesticity as scenography is one response to the unpredictable and convulsive pressures of change.