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The strait-laced certainties of the villa or terraced house are giving way to new forms of living and Van Berkel & Bos' vision of domesticity as scenography is one response to the unpredictable and convulsive pressures of change.
The list of those who concealed a history of sexual misbehavior includes both Democrats and Republicans, well-known Lotharios and strait-laced Presbyterians, among them: James Garfield, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson.
30pm) CLAUDIA Winkleman is probably best-known to viewers for more strait-laced presenting jobs on programmes such as Film 2011 and the Radio 2 Arts Show.
His strait-laced brother Linus isn''t happy, and decides to woo her himself to keep them apart, little realising what will happen next.
Based on a tale by CS Forester involving a hazardous trip along an African river to destroy an enemy gunboat, The African Queen stars Bogie as riverboat captain Charlie and Hepburn as strait-laced Rose, with whom he forms an unlikely alliance.
2005: Emmerdale man-eater Kelly Windsor shocked viewers when she seduced strait-laced vicar Ethan Blake in the vestry.
London, enlivened by banter between Downey Jr and strait-laced Law.
He's a family man and is very strait-laced," said the current world number six.
GRIZZLED former professional baseball player Morris Buttermaker (Billy Bob Thornton) is "financially persuaded" by strait-laced lawyer Liz Whitewood (Gay Harden) to coach a failing little league baseball team called The Bears.
STRAIT-LACED councillors who gave the thumbs down to a sex shop have approved a male strip show in a Scottish seaside town.
Witnessing a talented young person make a slight fool of herself, at a stiff little gathering like this, is so pleasant,'' Reed describes his fist encounter with graduate student Flower Cannon at a strait-laced university dinner where she gets ``attractively tipsy.
He has a bit of a reputation for being quite strait-laced but I think this has stepped it up for him.