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He said: "At a time of straitened financial circumstances, for the Government to be complaining about bonuses to bankers but paying bonuses to civil servants is unacceptable.
INVEST Northern Ireland know a bit about cost savings in these straitened times.
But somehow it's strangely gratifying in these straitened times to see a car company that still has the confidence and optimism to create the most outrageously expensive car in the world.
He is left in straitened circumstances as a result and has health problems", defence barrister Karl Williams said.
IT probably seems like a crazy amount of money to be spending on squirrels in these straitened times.
In these straitened times, would PS26million not have been better spent alleviating poverty?
Tough decisions must be made by all areas of the public sector with regards to priorities in these straitened times of austerity.
In these straitened times isn't it at best frivolous and dare I say vexatious (in the legal sense) to be expecting Stockton Borough Council (from which Yarm and Thornaby so desperately want to be separated) to spend PS100,000+ (in each case) on a boundary review?
Despite the financially straitened times we live in, it'd be nice to see Kirklees Council help out the Criterium and lend a hand.
Contract notice: Acquisition and food supplies for distribution to people in straitened economic circumstances.
Now we learn Age Concern Birmingham acts as a glorified piggy-bank for staff, dishing out loans to those in straitened circumstances "which are always repaid".
Steenkamp's parents are said to have been financially straitened since the death of their daughter and are running a pub, which is understood to have been purchased with money paid for interviews by foreign media.