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Procurement and supply of food for distribution to people in straitened economic circumstances.
Steenkamp's parents are said to have been financially straitened since the death of their daughter and are running a pub, which is understood to have been purchased with money paid for interviews by foreign media.
Yet in these straitened times there will be plenty of keen fans unable to cough up for the rest of the live European action.
Especially in these straitened times (and despite the court ruling in the Leeds United case), all events, whether social, cultural or sporting, should have to meet any extra costs incurred by such as policing bodies.
If the Bluebirds follow their rivals into the Premier League, our pubs, clubs, taxis, restaurants and hotels will be given a "mini-boom" - an exciting prospect for many in these straitened economic times.
On this ground, the North of Scotland Hydroelectric Board would never have been formed in the straitened circumstances of the Second World War.
The introduction of the 2WD version allows a lower entry price and that too will appeal to many buyers in these straitened times.
It is especially pleasing in these straitened financial times, when even more families cannot afford to buy books for their children, to see the spotlight focussed on libraries.
The letter, which appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, read: "In these financially straitened times, we think it is unwise to make consumers pay, through taxpayer subsidy, for inefficient and intermittent energy production that typifies onshore wind turbines.
In these straitened times it doesn't seem right and proper to be associated with spending large sums of money and it's something National Hunt racing has to be careful to show a bit of sensitivity about.
In fact, one indicator of a civilised society is its commitment to unpopular measures in straitened times and it's heartening to see that, according to our report on heroin abuse today, the Welsh Government remains determined to doing all it can to wean addicts off hard drugs and play a productive role in society.