straitened circumstances

See: poverty
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The buildings, begun under straitened circumstances, were more than simple.
Perhaps his straitened circumstances made it hard for him to have to hear of piles of gold passing through the hands of an irresponsible fool like myself within the space of a quarter of an hour.
Willis, issued this touching appeal to the admirers of genius on behalf of the neglected author, his dying wife and her devoted mother, then living under very straitened circumstances in a little cottage at Fordham, N.
It is but bare justice to Mr Swiveller to say, that, although the expenses of her education kept him in straitened circumstances for half a dozen years, he never slackened in his zeal, and always held himself sufficiently repaid by the accounts he heard (with great gravity) of her advancement, on his monthly visits to the governess, who looked upon him as a literary gentleman of eccentric habits, and of a most prodigious talent in quotation.
It was true that his hotel pointed to the most straitened circumstances.
In the privacy of a four-wheeler, on her way to a charity cottage (one of a row) which by the exiguity of its dimensions and the simplicity of its accommodation, might well have been devised in kindness as a place of training for the still more straitened circumstances of the grave, she was forced to hid from her own child a blush of remorse and shame.
For a noble family they were in somewhat straitened circumstances financially.
One of the many to whom, from straitened circumstances, a consequent inability to form the associations they would wish, and a disinclination to mix with the society they could obtain, London is as complete a solitude as the plains of Syria, the humble artist had pursued her lonely, but contented way for many years; and, until the peculiar misfortunes of the Nickleby family attracted her attention, had made no friends, though brimful of the friendliest feelings to all mankind.
Are you aware how small his means are, and of the straitened circumstances of his widow?
Toklas' knowledge of food had perhaps the most poignant beginning, because it was rooted in the shortages of the war and her straitened circumstances after Stein's death; her cookbook was in part a task to shake off grief.
He is great Judge Ryan said the serious nature of the fraud over such a long period of time warranted a custodial sentence, but she excused him from repaying the debt due to his medical conditions, his straitened circumstances and his remorse for the offences.
To seek the dark cloud's silver lining is difficult and admirable, more so when, although in straitened circumstances, one still finds room and reason to give.