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4 Reims, France, Piper-Heidsieck Straight-run but hardly straitlaced, this classic yet cutting-edge champagne maker (founded in 1785) is worth toasting.
In addition to the county's straitlaced site at www.
I haven't told him how I feel and I'm too scared to confide my secret in anyone, especially my parents, as they're very straitlaced people.
You I Love: "Zany" and "Russian" don't usually appear in the same sentence, but this charming comedy about a straitlaced advertising exec who runs over a Mongolian zoo-worker and then falls in love with him is both Russian and zany--as well as sweet and sexy.
These included getting blootered during a state visit by the extremely straitlaced Chilean president.
A cast of nine - most of whom take on at least two roles - weave in and out through a series of sliding doors and windowlike panels, such that the straitlaced Duke of Ephesus (played by Richard Soto) can hold a conversation with a big-haired courtesan, also played by Soto.
The movie's best scenes depict the dethawing of the hero's distant relationship with his older, hunky, straitlaced hetero brother (Urbano Barberini giving a nice, if weepy, performance), who briefly comes to live with him and finally comes to accept the lifestyle that initially repulses him.
Friends remember her as a likeable but straitlaced girl who was nervous around men.
Other months show the 11 girls on a building site, cricket pitch and licking ice creams into shape on the seafront at Frinton - famous for its normally straitlaced image.
Head On,'' an overheated domestic drama about the frustrations of a closeted gay Greek-Australian who lives with his straitlaced immigrant family, strains so desperately for a tragic kitchen-sink realism that in several crucial scenes the movie loses its grip and escalates into strident melodrama.
Scotland's biggest city will have to make up its mind whether it wants its image to be straitlaced - or nice, but a bit naughty.
Let's see, there's Nick Stahl, who sandwiched this straitlaced college-guy role in between performances as a closeted gay bully in Bully and an androgynous lost soul with eyeliner in The Sleepy Time Gal [see page 70].