strange behavior

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The wild, chimney-corner legend (which, without copying all its extravagances, my narrative essentially follows) here gives an account of some very strange behavior on the part of Colonel Pyncheon's portrait.
He lost his self-command, already shaken by her strange behavior.
According to the author, this is a very strange behavior of the EEC pretending to be "more Catholic than the Pope".
Investigators reported strange behavior on the part of the pilot after conducting 170 interviews.
Tracy told Lulu that she is worried about Luke's strange behavior.
He also said many bees were displaying strange behavior, as for instance some could not make their way back to their hives and were going around in circles, looking disoriented.
Her dog's strange behavior continued and Burns was sure that her dog was trying to tell her something burdensome.
The intruder, later identified by police as 33-year-old Eugene resident Joseph Riley Baker, reportedly was displaying strange behavior and would not comply with the woman's directions, officials said.
Her naivete allows Toda to observe and comment on the strange behavior of adults and the absurdities of war, giving this otherwise serious tale a paradoxical lightheartedness.
The clans issued a statement in which said "We didn't find the stance of the AL a strange behavior, because this league had been adapting such stances since the occupation of Iraq and July's aggression in addition to its stances regarding Libya and Sudan.
Summary: Amy Winehouse is cancelling part of her European tour after being booed for strange behavior during a concert in Serbia.
Cops found materials commonly used to make methamphetamine on the premises, which might help to explain Gonzales' strange behavior.