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It may sound very strange to say but despite the hardships, we've also been enlightened by the most amazing blessings I could ever imagine.
It is strange to say it but at the start of the season we just wanted to stay in the league and then compete next season but with us competing this year, it shows that we will be able to compete next year.
Jackie said: "They are all such wonderful people and it's strange to say that without Lee dying, they wouldn't be here.
It's strange to say it, but I can't see United doing too much in the derby and I think the 3/1 available on Manchester City -1 goal is an absolute steal.
IT seems strange to say it, but the highlight of the evening and indeed the entire Welsh Proms season was a quintessentially English work.
Parky is a great guy and I love him to bits and it hurts to see him in the condition he is in although, it sounds strange to say it, he's looking great.
It sounds strange to say, but the book changed her outlook on life," News of the World quoted a friend as saying.
It sounds strange to say it but if Brazil do win, it won't be down to the quality of their football as much as the physical side of their game.
It was strange to say that [the runners slipped] because the horses were going too fast as you should be able to go at any speed you like," he told Racing UK.
Your taste has become a little strange to say the least, and you must make sure that you are not doing the opposite, just to make a point.