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Once she did, I noticed that her underwear was strangely bulky - what she wore had secret folds inside.
Mick delicately tries to get |answers from Linda in an attempt to find out what's happened to make her act so strangely
At the risk of belaboring the culinary metaphor, the pieces vary in flavor and texture from rather dry and chewy (the attractive but strangely cold "Song of the Ch'in" by Zhou Long, Tan Dun's pointillistic "Cloudiness") to sweet and juicy (Bright Sheng's aching "Silent Temple IV" and Chou We n-chung's "Larghetto nostalgieo").
Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, we all looked to the ages our parents and grandparents had survived until, and felt we'd reach the same age.
In an air of perversion within a candlelit pentagram in Aaron's basement, accompanied by the grotesque sacrifice of a fellow student, the three teens perform sexual deeds upon each other, strangely compelled by unseen forces.
Strangely enough, none of these groups complained over the White House's 2006 holiday card, which did not once mention "Christmas.
With earth-toned art and strangely amiable characters, even the toughest reader will find something to enjoy in this gem.
95) tells of a farmer who accidentally hits a stranger with his truck--a man dressed strangely, who then has amnesia.
Strangely, Brandon Biebel joined the goof troop with a mime act because he wanted to.
ERIC McNamara reports that Strangely Brown and Stoneville are set to return to the fray shortly.
95) is rather strangely titled, since despite biologists' best efforts, George (whose age is a subject of some debate) never really had any "love" in his life.