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Meanwhile, Paddy is being distant and behaving strangely towards Chas.
"She started acting strangely. She could not eat, when police and residents confronted her she led them to where she had killed the child before throwing her body at Khalaba river a few meters from our home," he said.
A policewoman said her partner asked her to search Z.S., who was spotted walking strangely.
Mick delicately tries to get |answers from Linda in an attempt to find out what's happened to make her act so strangely
She's achieved something very difficult and she isn't acting strangely at all, just rediscovering the joys of being young and attractive.
Strangely exotic flavor Strangely normal bottle/Nestea
Letter to a stranger In the strangely crowded street I saw you, stranger Dressed and walking strangely Your face surely unknown to me Our eyes met eccentrically You smiled strangely at me The nonsensical thought in me confirmed Your strangeness surrounded me My heart started beating bizarrely As you passed me by, stranger Your unfamiliar scent embraced me I outlandishly clung to it My eyes strangely followed you Disappearing into the strange crowded street You left me feeling peculiar Questioning the strangeness you brought me I am now out of the ordinary ...
2 : suited to one another : matching or fitting together a well assorted pair <They looked at Dorothy and her strangely assorted company with wondering eyes .
STRANGELY FAMILIAR: ACROBATS, ATHLETES AND OTHER TRAVELING TROUPES provides full-page black and white and color photos of troupe members both in group and individually, making for a strong portrait photo pick for both photo libraries and those containing books on social and cultural issues.
At the risk of belaboring the culinary metaphor, the pieces vary in flavor and texture from rather dry and chewy (the attractive but strangely cold "Song of the Ch'in" by Zhou Long, Tan Dun's pointillistic "Cloudiness") to sweet and juicy (Bright Sheng's aching "Silent Temple IV" and Chou We n-chung's "Larghetto nostalgieo").
In an air of perversion within a candlelit pentagram in Aaron's basement, accompanied by the grotesque sacrifice of a fellow student, the three teens perform sexual deeds upon each other, strangely compelled by unseen forces.
Strangely enough, none of these groups complained over the White House's 2006 holiday card, which did not once mention "Christmas."