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And strangely enough that's what his former boss Charlie Haughey is remembered for.
Strangely enough, I said to my wife just a couple of days ago - we were standing on deck and looking out to sea - 'fifty years ago, I threw a couple of bottles in the water'."
Strangely enough Paul McQuade was the one that probably excited the Saints support the most having followed Lennon from Cowdenbeath.
Strangely enough, this committee is called the Intergenerational Fairness Committee which would end triple lock pension guarantees of 2.5 per cent a year rise, limit free bus passes and winter fuel payments, potential savings being used to help young people to rent or buy.
Strangely enough, the government, which came to power with a promise to end corruption and tax evasion, is intentionally or unintentionally promoting corruption and tax evasion.
Keane, Ireland's assistant manager, said he rated O'Shea when he first came on the scene and added: "Strangely enough, he always seemed really balanced.
Strangely enough and curiously enough, sincere efforts by the government in Pakistan and America's emphatic and cooperative approach will definitely make the best decision.
"Strangely enough, those three facets of my artistic self feel like very different beings," says Klock, who shares her artwork on
Strangely enough, on September 13, Cox and Slattery play each other in the Colne Valley Merit, having been the last two out of the hat.
vigomag, via ChronicleLive ANDREW SAYS: Strangely enough I would tend to agree with you.
Strangely enough, Jimmy Cricket's "simple Irishman" routine was seen as okay and was shown on television!
Strangely enough, she finds her snack basket of strawberries is just the treat to perk Perry up.