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Friend Marie Carter said Ms Badger told her Wyatt had tried to strangle her with a scarf.
He told gardai he then reached down to the floor, removed a shoelace and used this to again strangle his girlfriend.
After taking her to a side road he tried to strangle her and she lost consciousness.
Instead she was convicted of attempting to choke, suffocate and strangle her mother and attempting to unlawfully wound her dad.
A MAN who slashed his pregnant girlfriend and tried to strangle her three-year-old daughter yesterday withdrew his appeal against the severity of his 15-year sentence.
FIREBALL suicide killer David Atkinson may have tried to strangle a young woman only hours before he jumped to his death, it was reported last night.
QWhat A Strangles is one of the most common equine diseases in horses in Britain.
Dubai: The Emirates Racing Authority (ERA) on Wednesday played down fears that a case of the potentially deadly equine disease strangles found in the UK originated in the UAE.
Strangles is an infectious malady of equidae characterized by upper respiratory tract infection, dyspnoea, anorexia, regional suppurative lymphadenitis and causes high morbidity and low mortality.
FEARS that strangles could have surfaced in Lambourn have been dispelled after an unnamed horse with Sylvester Kirk tested negative for the highly infectious disease, writes Graham Green.
Animal welfare groups are hoping to raise pounds 250,000 to develop an effective vaccine against strangles - a common respiratory disease that kills up to 10 per cent of afflicted horses and can be an "economic disaster" for stables.