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He equated the incident with that of Kasur where seven-year-old Zainab Ansari was raped and later strangled to death.
Within the short time Adult A and Adult B had been together, there were no reported incidents of domestic abuse, the only suggestion had been that she had been strangled at one point in the relationship, but she minimised this incident and did not want any action taken", the report said.
The accused strangled with her due to which she died.
2 million from the wife of DIG Peshawar Mazhar Shahab Wali and upon refusal the security Guard strangled to death Umar Shahab with rope in Khayban-e-Seher area of Defence on Saturday.
The court was told that the accused strangled her, stole her phone and left the country.
A security source said the forensic report indicated the boy was strangled with a thin wire and was struck on his right eye.
One strangled Aranas with his hands while another held on to the item that was tied around the victim's neck.
According to all the evidence we have, the cloth she was strangled with, the marks on the body and internal injuries all point to her being strangled.
Summary: A mentally-ill woman who strangled her severely disabled son with a belt in a hotel room has been spared an immediate prison term.
A TEENAGER who strangled his ten year-old brother after watching serial killer TV series Dexter has been locked up for life.
STRANGLED care worker Ffion Wyn Roberts will be laid to rest next Saturday.
A MAN who strangled his deeply religious former girlfriend in her Warwickshire flat after she told his mother he had stolen money from her, is behind bars.