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La Ramee, some day when he sends for you, you must let me put on your clothes; I will go in your stead; I will strangle him, and upon my honor, if that is made a condition I will return to prison.
Dubai: The Emirates Racing Authority (ERA) on Wednesday played down fears that a case of the potentially deadly equine disease strangles found in the UK originated in the UAE.
FEARS that strangles could have surfaced in Lambourn have been dispelled after an unnamed horse with Sylvester Kirk tested negative for the highly infectious disease, writes Graham Green.
Jane Evans, 51, of Rhuddlan, said she was treated "like a leper" when her 16-year-old gelding Herbie was diagnosed with the feared respiratory sickness strangles.
The British Horse Society, in conjunction with Intervet UK and the British Equine Veterinary Association, is running a Strangles Awareness Week to highlight the debilitating effects of the equine disease.
Animal welfare groups are hoping to raise pounds 250,000 to develop an effective vaccine against strangles - a common respiratory disease that kills up to 10 per cent of afflicted horses and can be an "economic disaster" for stables.
This curt attaches itself to a political cause, but parasitically strangles it.
NEWMARKET was at the centre of a health scare last night after the BHA confirmed a case of the highly infectious equine disease strangles in a horse trained by William Jarvis.
HORSE riders have cancelled their annual summer show after a suspected outbreak of strangles.
Short strangles are best suited for investors expecting minimal volatility from an underlying stock.
THE Animal Health Trust has developed a new diagnostic test for the respiratory disease strangles, which will allow early identification of horses exposed to the highly infectious bacterium, it announced yesterday.