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Ryoko Igarashi, of Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, has admitted to strangling her third son, Genki, around 12:30 p.
What readers need to know, of course, is that Morimoto was charged with strangling his wife and daughters.
The Public Prosecution accused him of sexually harassing the maid in the car and strangling her to death with her hijab when she threatened to report his deed to her sponsor.
The guitarist and part-time salesman from Hove visited the body 10 times, acting out his fantasy of strangling, killing and raping a dead woman, the court heard.
The police quoted the boy as saying he hit and kicked her before strangling her in a fit of anger because he said he was told to leave the house after a quarrel over how much pocket money he could have.
Kurt Tyrrell, 26, twice punched Katy Winchester, 21, before strangling her.
The boy was seen by neighbors loitering in the neighborhood Wednesday evening and admitted strangling his mother after police officers went to the house to investigate, the police said.
Gerard O'Hara, 32, admitting strangling his 24-year-old fiancee Lisa Doyle with his arm and a shoelace at the house they shared in Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow, on September 20 last year Detective Garda Brendan Murphy told the court yesterday O'Hara presented himself to gardai at Leighlinbridge station on the morning of September 20 in an agitated state.
ENCINO - An Encino man was being held on $1 million bail Sunday, accused of strangling his wife in their bathtub, then trying to kill himself by slashing his wrists while the couple's two small children were asleep.
MANUELA Riedo's murderer tried to kill his girlfriend and their son two months before strangling the Swiss student, a court heard yesterday.
2 -- color) A new report says the increase in trade through the Southland's ports may overwhelm the infrastructure system, strangling job growth.
Simon Spence QC, prosecuting, told the court Chivers met Ms Stubbings soon after spending 15 years in a German jail for strangling his previous girlfriend, Sabine Rappold, in Stuttgart in 1992.