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Wasim Baig said the girl, named as Bibi Tabia, was strangulated to death after sexual abuse by unidentified men.
Patients who underwent either conservative treatment or surgery for strangulated SBO were compared after exclusion of the group that underwent surgery but had no evidence of intestinal ischemia.
This study aimed to retrospectively evaluate the risk of seroma after TAPP and to identify the association between strangulated hernia and seroma.
During the dry season, we noted 33 cases of strangulated umbilical hernias compared with two cases in the rainy season.
On inspection, the tissue was oedematous and appeared strangulated. Additionally, hair strands were noted to have become tied around the root of the mass (Figure-1).
A shayla that was found around her neck indicated that she had been strangulated. We identified her from her personal identification documents that were found in her pocket.
The incidence of obstructed and strangulated inguinal hernia is 0.3-2.9% of all inguinal hernias in adults.
The advantage of the perineal procedure used in this case is that laparotomy can be avoided, which makes it suitable for high-risk patients and those with an incarcerated, strangulated or gangrenous prolapsed rectal segment.
40 cm long segment of gangrenous bowel was found to be strangulated by the omental band entering into the inguinal canal.
New Delhi: A 15-year-old boy was strangulated to death by some unidentified people after he resisted a robbery attempt in his house, police saidy esterday.
But he confirmed the victim was strangulated.
"Now we all love the Queen and the strangulated protests from republicans just sound like some petulant little boy stomping his feet and saying he hopes it rains on your birthday party" - Jeremy Paxman (pictured) who used to be a republican.