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Number of cases of strangulated umbilical hernias during the dry and rainy seasons in Senegal.
The robust break-resistant structure of hair strands serve as an effective tourniquet to block venous circulation and lymphatic flow in a strangulated tissue.
A shayla that was found around her neck indicated that she had been strangulated.
Invagination for Richter -type strangulated hernias.
The incidence of obstructed and strangulated inguinal hernia is 0.
The advantage of the perineal procedure used in this case is that laparotomy can be avoided, which makes it suitable for high-risk patients and those with an incarcerated, strangulated or gangrenous prolapsed rectal segment.
40 cm long segment of gangrenous bowel was found to be strangulated by the omental band entering into the inguinal canal.
New Delhi: A 15-year-old boy was strangulated to death by some unidentified people after he resisted a robbery attempt in his house, police saidy esterday.
She could continue her crimes unabated as the doctors in the Victorian era couldn't differentiate a stillborn baby from the one that was strangulated to death, the Daily Mail reported.
the Prince of Malevolence, Emerging from the shadows, in Professor Codman's hands, Making his grand vitriolic entrance towards the gallows, Set high upon a red and white curtained stage, That rabid, spitting, foaming talisman of rage, The psychopathic batterer of down trodden rag-doll wives, That serial tormentor of clowns, And paper mache crocodiles, With his strangulated larynx of a voice, And his heinous arsenal of sausage string ligatures, And wobbly chopping knives, Under imminent sentence of death, For hurling the baby at the constable, Mr Plod, And frightening the woof out of Toby the dog
AT the House of Lords - still a laughable bastion of class and privilege - to mark Carers Week on Tuesday, I fought my way through the strangulated vowels and found a truly amazing lady.
Now we all love the Queen and the strangulated protests from republicans just sound like some petulant little boy stomping his feet and saying he hopes it rains on your birthday party" - Jeremy Paxman (pictured) who used to be a republican.