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According to Senator Khurshid it is a horrifying situation that on the one hand America is violating our sovereignty and strangulating our economy and on the other hand the Pakistans political and military leadership seems to be surrendering to American pressure and blackmail.
However,I would argue that the tie is the only non-functional piece of aman's apparel and it is easily possible to look smart without this glorified strangulating tether.
The duo then killed the girl by strangulating her with a dupatta and threw her body into a nullah.
He said that Anti-Pakistan lobbies are impeding progress on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline on the behest of America which amounts to strangulating the economy,.
Summary: DUBAI - The Court of First Instance on Tuesday heard the case of a man charged with strangulating his girlfriend and then dumping her body in a manhole.
Officer CDA after strangulating him at his flat No.