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Despite the strangulation, Petrie claimed he is okay with it, since football after all is a physical game, which a lot of things can happen.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) knows of seven deaths and three near strangulations since 2002 involving video and audio baby monitors which were placed too close to the crib.
Most of reported isolated hyoid bone fractures are usually the result of direct trauma to the neck through manual strangulation or hanging, blunt trauma or from projectiles.
Incarceration or strangulation of the penis by constricting devices, such as metal rings, is rare with only 60 reported cases in the literature.
There is evidence of some stab injuries and strangulation.
While the number of fatalities has dropped significantly in recent years following the window-covering industry's voluntary redesign of pull cords, the commission has noted nearly one child strangulation death per month since 2003.
In the UK, there has been one child death per year from strangulation associated with blind cords, (1) though the probable underreporting of near-misses suggests that it should be given greater priority than it has.
A fracture of the thyroid cartilage was often found in cases of strangulation.
The state medical examiner concluded the cause of death was accidental strangulation.
It was not until a second autopsy took place that it was discovered he had died from strangulation.
A WOMAN whose body was found in a car boot died of strangulation, it was revealed last night.
For a list of felony strangulation charges broken down by Minnesota counties, contact Marc Kessler at 651-690-0897 or MarcusKesslerPR@comcast.