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The judge dismissed confessions the suspects had made to police, as well as autopsy results indicating that True died of strangulation.
in conjunction with Denver Children's Hospital, is working to develop criteria that will accurately assess the strangulation hazards posed by manufactured goods.
The extent of the problem came to light only after Cosco reported to the CPSC the 1991 strangulation of a 15-month-old child who tried to leave the bed, feet first, through the footboard.
She added, "The pathologist will say that it is unclear which mechanism - drugs or strangulation or a combination of both - that led to the death of the teenager.
5] We conclude that the dry wind in Senegal, which causes a variety of respiratory conditions, is associated with strangulation of umbilical hernias.
He added that it would also be impossible for Durolfo to die due to manual strangulation since no one in their group had hurt her that night.
62 a practice without a projectile, is made up of strangulation cartridge with a powder charge.
The level at which the loop lies is also of important in making the distinction between Hanging and strangulation by a ligature.
There is evidence of some stab injuries and strangulation.
In 2008, CDC reported 82 deaths attributed to the choking game and other strangulation activities during the period 1995-2007; most victims were adolescent males aged 11-16 years (4).
Home Office pathologist Dr Brian Rogers said death was by ligature strangulation with no evidence of manual strangulation.
WORCESTER - A Grafton man charged with murder in the strangulation death of his wife will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is mentally competent to stand trial.