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Like the ES600A, the unit is mounted on wheels for fast and safe movement and easy positioning at each load to be strapped, while it requires no external power supply, meaning it can be used almost anywhere, inside or out.
nude inmates and detainees have been strapped into restraint chairs;
NEW YORK -- Cash Money/Universal Motown multi-platinum recording artist Birdman unleashes "Always Strapped," the first single from his highly anticipated fourth solo album, ALWAYS STRAPPED, due for a summer 2009 release.
Unwieldy or fragile palletised or non-palletised products can now be safely strapped, thanks to an innovative new horizontal strapping system, exclusively available in the UK from Cyklop UK.
Comfortable and stylish, the many designs of StrappyArt can enhance an outfit, or blend with the fabric color, and give professional women the confidence to shed their business jackets -- even with daintily strapped camis.
THE RIGG consists of an elongated oval-shaped carrier made of elastic resilient neoprene, with polypropylene adjustable webbing straps incorporating a velcro breakaway for safety; the neoprene holder has a sharkskin ridging that actually grips the sports ball securely when strapped in to place.
Once strapped, some of the pallets are shrink-wrapped for additional stability and protection, and all are taken to the warehouse to await onward transport to customers.