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The SoniXs TAI-6 Base and Pro combine transverse strapping and inline strapping in a single process without turning the product to ensure the accurate and reliable securing of products.
A big trend in strapping is the transition from steel to plastic, according to "Strap Guru" Larry Ruud, process improvement manager for ITW/Signode.
There is no build-up of strap residue, unlike the heat seal method and SoniXs technology delivers a consistent, stronger seal at increased strapping speed.
The company introduced that the strapping tool is easy to use and maintain, for it is developed with minimum use of moving parts, and weighs only 3.
Margaret Goose feels we should look to A ustralia in light of the strapping debate I AM so surprised at the furore raised by the subject of strapping greyhounds for racing.
Heavy steel strapping can be used around small plants and small weeds; heavier strapping I use for larger weeds.
And only eight per cent said they move the seatbelt adjuster to ensure the strapping is across their shoulder and not across their neck.
com, the leader in cash management solutions announced today the launch of two efficient high performance currency sorters with strapping capability.
Mosca has enhanced its fully automated tandem machine for cross strapping, the SoniXs TAI-6, with the introduction of two models-Base and Pro-both of which utilise the company's proven ultrasonic technology to provide reliable, quick and secure cross strapping for high throughput industries such as print and logistics.
A full line of high-speed machines for end-of-line packaging provides carton closure and strapping for box security.
The new machine's strapping head uses no belts, clutches, pulleys or chains in processing 45 bundles per minute.