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A newly unitised Standard-6 strap path provides ease of access for all core components, allowing fast maintenance and cleaning.
com)-- A Premium Quality Guitar Strap That Won't Let You Down
Along with the great mobility offered by BlackRapid products through specifications that enable on-the-go shooting with a mechanism that allows the camera to slide diagonally up and down the shoulder strap, a system that utilizes the camera's tripod socket so that the camera hangs upside down for a smooth grip, a shoulder pad that effectively distributes weight for less burden, and an under-arm tether that holds the strap firmly in place, these two new straps offer an even greater sense of security with a safety strap that prevents the camera from falling in the unlikely event the fastener comes loose, and a cover that prevents the carabiner that connects the strap to the camera from scratching the camera body.
JOBY camera straps are available for purchase at popular photography retailers, consumer electronics stores, and JOBY.
As a Boy Scout, the straps on my rucksack were similarly adjusted and when I was a member of the Armed Forces in the early 1950s the back pack was also adjusted, and the Drill sergeants made sure.
Just two months after hitting on the initial idea, the design has already attracted the attention of a leading computer manufacturer, which sees the potential of incorporating it into its laptop bags, and a major online retailer which has asked for handbag and laptop straps in a variety of colours.
This prevents straps from dangling and gear from clinking against buckles.
But aggressive play has resulted in the straps holding the wand to snap, with remotes flying off wrists and hitting bystanders or smashing TVs.
This rigid collar wraps around the back of the neck and attaches to a driver's padded helmet and shoulder straps.
However, the report cites as an ``indirect cause'' the fact that she was not wearing a safety strap as she stood on the tailboard of the engine as it backed up.
The high-strength, patented triaxial hinges on the knee brace allow unrestricted, natural knee movement while the adjustable straps provide controlled compression for a custom fit, according to the company.
The origin of rifle slings and straps remains shrouded in the fog of history, although Europe was, once again, leagues ahead of America in this regard.