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As my colleague, Senator Klobuchar, noted, Justice Strass judicial record demonstrates that he is impartial and apolitical in his rulings.
Jane Avril, La Goulue, Mistinguett, and Robe En Strass are amongst the lucky stars that helped set the opulent costume standards.
Von Schirnding Y, Mathee A, Kibel M, Robertson P, Strass N, Blignaut R.
Working with stage-designer Luciano Damiani, the stage was envisioned and created such that "eine Strass in Sezuan musse der wirklichen Strass einer chinesischen Stadt so ahnlich wie moglich sehen" (Melchinger 178).
Riconobbi il fiore di strass che penzolava sbieco, strappato dalla mia foia in quel pomeriggio d'estate ormai cosi lontano.
Vestidos con luz propia, bordados con lentejuelas y strass, resultan la mejor opcion para estar radiante en cualquier comida, cena o fiesta.
Ha uma pessoa na comissao que se ocupa do dialogo com o Strass, o sindicato de putas na Franca, que e um rapaz trabalhador do sexo, feminista, e naquela comissao, uma vez que se tem um trans ou um trabalhador do sexo, e esse tipo discurso que aparece.
The plant in Strass treats the wastewater of 200000 population equivalents and is equipped with a 500m3 SBR for deammonification of reject-water originating from digested sludge dewatering [65].
Swarovski Strass Crystal chandelier "This is set over my dining table, which seats 12 people.
More clandestine practices means we would find ourselves in more secluded places, and therefore subject to possible violence,'' Thierry Schaffauser, a 31-year old escort and spokesman for sex workers' group Strass, said.
To the other side of the hallway is a magnificent drawing room with a Georgian style Swarovski Strass crystal chandelier and room for a long dining table.