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Some of these terms are expressed as strategic qualitative goals: for example, cost management, sharing of resources, streamlining acquisition processes, improving communication among stakeholders, and improving business processes.
TLG is dedicated to providing clients with research, strategic counsel, and integrated/interactive marketing services (print and web) that result in the effective marketing of authentic, institutional brand identities.
I think where the differentiator between the NIEHS and other institutes within the NIH really comes [in the strategic plan] is the emphasis on dose-response and the emphasis on biomarkers that are relevant to interpreting exposure data.
A good strategic planning process should be all-inclusive, with input from a wide range of stakeholders.
In partnership negotiations and in other types of negotiations, Strategic Gaming helps you avoid leaving value on the table by helping you understand your bargaining power, define your negotiating position and gain insight into effective negotiating tactics.
Knowing how you want your firm to benefit will help you develop a sound strategic partnership.
Strategic thinking and strategic behavior, however, rely on connecting information, experience, learning, leadership, foresight, and decision-making skills, and therefore remains the exclusive domain of humans.
The initial effort, Strategic Plan 2000, led to significant accomplishments in just two short years.
Based on the survey results, we worked on creating a vision, forming distinct strategic planning goals and developing a plan to accomplish these goals.
The open-endedness of the new strategic concept is startling.
If we abandon strategic communication management, we will set the profession back so far that we will never recover.
When organizational leadership announces the need for strategic planning, the reactions often include:

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