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DLA has assigned a supplier relationship manager for each SSA to oversee the operational and strategic progress of the partnership, including monitoring performance and metrics, and to continually develop strategies to expand the relationship by adding more items to existing long-term contracts and awarding new contracts to additional company divisions.
Maguire Associates' services include strategic planning, integrated marketing, strategic pricing and forecasting, strategic financial aid modeling, enrollment management consulting, branding and image development, student satisfaction/retention studies, and research for alumni and development audiences.
The working group that formulated and guided the extensive strategic planning process was co-led by Sheila Newton, director of the NIEHS Office of Science Policy and Planning, and institute deputy director Samuel Wilson.
The SPTF began work on the strategic plan in November 2002.
In seeking answers to any of these strategic questions, Strategic Gaming enables players to see the entire chessboard and to gain and exploit advantages.
Everyone should be involved in making the strategic relationship work.
Merriam-Webster's 10th Edition Collegiate Dictionary (2001) defines strategic as follows: "of great importance within an integrated whole or to a planned effect.
Starting with the Commander's message, a succinct overview of the strategic environment and planning approach, Section One goes on to document the progress achieved under Strategic Plan 2000.
The Strategic Planning Team has created five main goals and several strategies for achieving each goal.
If a nation like Iran or North Korea is said to have nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) weapons that could threaten any NATO country, the new strategic concept gives NATO the right to act preemptively.
To me, the most positive shift in our profession has been the shift to strategic thinking.
We have a committee that is responsible for strategic planning and they make recommendations that are often ignored by upper management.

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