strategic item

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In efforts to secure the supply of the strategic item, Egypt imported 350,000 tons of sugar, out of 850,000 contracted to be supplied until October, Minister of Supply Ali Moselhy said in August.
Establishing a clear employee value proposition with a reciprocal purpose is also a key strategic item and as such, the launch of the INSPIRE values initiative will generate some excitement, create a close association to the overall transformation plan and provide a guide for our employees to attribute to.
KUWAIT, April 13 (KUNA) -- The importance of petroleum is based on the fact that it is closely connected to a strategic item that has been moving the world's economy, a senior official at the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) has said .
Al-Youm newspaper noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always sought for the most effective and successful means to balance global oil markets in trading this strategic item and not to flood the markets with it in the Austrian capital, Vienna meeting yesterday between OPEC members and oil producers outside the Organization.
We are convinced that mobile access to your core knowledgebase and processes will prove to be a key strategic item for more corporations over time and here Microsoft's technology will play an important role, with increasing market share.
During those years most, if not all, metal was considered a strategic item and was collected for the war effort.
Faster and more flexible sourcing--Instead of waiting days, or even weeks, for a critical strategic item, e-sourcing moves at the speed of the Internet.
When a company is considering forging a close collaborative relationship with a supplier for a strategic item, the supplier assessment process is crucial.
After fulfillment of the deal, Iran will be fully able to produce the strategic item.
And they need to monitor and control the total cost of ownership (TCO) of each strategic item and service closely.
Employing the game's unique action-based combat system, coordinated party tactics, and strategic item use, a small but brave band of adventurers will undertake a daring quest culminating in a heroic battle against the Bolkanus Destroyer, a terrifying creature summoned by dark cannibal magic to wreak destruction.
Safari Rad the development makes Iran the first Middle East and Persian Gulf state to produce pentane, saying the strategic item has several applications in petrochemical and chemical industries and is valued several times a barrel of crude oil.

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