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Based on the factor analysis, it was found more meaningful to evaluate conceptual skills with two factors as strategical conceptual and leading conceptual skills, and to evaluate human and technical skills as one factor (Tables 3-5).
Hochtief's services operations would be "a perfect strategical fit" into Strabag's services business, news agencies, including DPA-AFX and APA, reported today, citing a spokeswoman for the Austrian group.
It will also discuss Unesco's strategical trend and its future priorities.
It was a successful visit, she had good interaction with the British leadership as it was part of enhanced strategical dialogue between the two countries, said British High Commissioner in Islamabad Adom Thomson while talking to a group of journalists.
The strategical location of Navi Mumbai helps Brain League to offer their expertise in this region.
As for Al Wasat Newspaper, it called upon all political associations in the Kingdom to contribute in the national dialogue, adding that the first strategical step for this dialogue is to determine its parties and whom they represent, pointing out that refusing dialogue would be a very wrong move, and it needs many preparations in order to reach valuable results a solutions that would benefit all the people of the Kingdom.
Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies of the world after crisis," he said adding that Turkey's strategical importance improved with important projects.
The changes we have made are strategical and part of the first phase of our development," explained Wales head coach Kris de Scossa.
Oil States said in a press release that MAC enables it to expand its current accommodation business and allows it to hold a strategical position on the Australian market.
The spin-off is part of Birdstep Technology's strategical decision from 2009 to focus on the core areas EasyConnect and SafeMove, CEO Torbjorn Sandberg said.
The Communique called on to strengthen the common cooperation between Turkey and Arab countries in the economic, trade, culture, education, media and tourism fields in addition to the establishment of supreme strategical councils to activate such cooperation between the two sides.

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