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Nevertheless, the recent anxieties over global security and "war on terrorism" have again re-defined new geopolitical challenges leading international donors and aid agencies to also redirect their funding to countries of strategical political interest, while shifting their aid priorities from humanitarianism and sustainable development to international security and "peace."
Curfew, declared with the aim of effective struggle with terrorists Kurdistan Workers' Party militants and cover their ditches dug many strategical points of the district by terrorists, Turkish Security Forces continuing the operation around the Sur.
Chair and CEO, Ronald D Paul, said, 'FHA Multifamily Lending is a logical and strategical next-step in pursuing our commitment to the multifamily rental sector, while providing growth for EagleBank.
'The acquisition will provide us with the necessary capacity, which we are lacking in the short run and will give us some strategical options of expanding with a longer time horizon.
During his meeting with the Saudi King, Shoukry stressed the importance of Saudi-Egyptian relations and relayed President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's appreciation for the level of strategical relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Weng Zhanbin, Chairman of Zhaojin Mining Industry Company Limited said, "The establishment of Finance Company is the Company's key measurement to facilitate strategical transformation and adaptation to the new economics' norm.
15 more files remain and should be concluded by the year's end." Speaking of regional affairs and their effect on Lebanon, the Minister described Hezbollah's involvement in the war in Syria a "strategical error." "[Hezbollah's] retreat from Syria will elevate all factors of dispute among Lebanese," he stated, adding that the only political cover was Baabda declaration and the support of the Lebanese.
UKIP believes a better strategy would have been to use our expertise and strategical help to form a coalition of ground forces of Arab and African countries with the aim of containing and ultimately eliminating the threat of ISIS.
In a letter to the Record, they said a number of "strategical and operational factors" would need to be resolved if there is a Yes vote.
Three of that age group run today: Green Door, Speed Hawk and Strategical.
The section on World War I is, as the title suggests, complete with images of aircraft and personnel from the Navy and Army squadrons on the northern and southern fronts as well as the ubiquitous Sikorsky Il'ya Muromets long-range strategical reconnaissance/bomber flown by the Eskadra Vozdushykh Korablei (EVK or Squadron Flying Ships).
Real-life examples and case studies abound and the interplay of the above four layers is emphasized, leading to a slowly emerging strategical model that encompasses all stages of intrusion detection and mitigation.

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