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So, a decision to resort to war (especially undeclared war of dubious purpose) that ultimately is so costly that other vital human needs and rights at home--health care, education, infrastructure development, public safety--must be sacrificed is morally and strategically suspect, if not unconscionable.
To behave strategically has nothing necessarily to do with any particular kind of management other than effective management--"being strategic" is always a part of effective management.
VFA's software suite is part of its award-winning, technology-based Capital Planning and Management Solution (CPMS[TM]) that integrates facility assessments, software products and business consulting services to aid organizations in strategically managing every stage of the capital asset lifecycleCofrom requirements gathering and long-term planning to capital budget creation and spend management.
Paramount's ability to quickly start and complete a renovation is facilitated by its eight strategically located local facilities and corresponding distribution and logistics system.
With the current emphasis on fiscal restraint and corporate responsibility, it's no surprise that corporations are looking at their real estate assets more strategically," said Jerry Kokos, president and CEO of VFA.
Serving growing markets with ALTANA's strategically important products
Completing the acquisition of the Goshen facility represents a major step forward in Altra's current phase of its strategic projects and continues the Company's execution of its strategy and overarching plan of building five hundred million gallons of biofuel production capacity through the acquisition of existing operating assets and the development of strategically located permitted facilities across the nation with state-of-the-art biofuel refining technology.
Ort will work in conjunction with SMI national and regional account managers and Stewart Title field office lender sales representatives to more strategically coordinate the sales and fulfillment of title and settlement services for Stewart's lender customers.
Participants work to optimize the financial performance of service lines and act strategically and adaptively to scenarios that reflect the pressing issues of technology, competition, physician relations, and revenue growth.
But, according to new research at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, efforts to battle internet piracy can sometimes strategically hurt digital goods industries.
VFA has enabled Clark County to strategically manage the complex issues of deferred maintenance, aging facilities, spikes in enrollment and fiscal planning.
Then, to make sure that employees pay continuous attention to this linkage, these organizations structure compensation so that a portion of a person's pay varies in relation to accomplishment of the strategically linked objectives.

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