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Of the 21 strategies listed in the poll, the seven grouped within the operating category received the most attention.
Testas' (Mis)adventures (Rosario, 2002a, 2002b, 2002c, 2003, 2004b), is an intervention program designed to promote strategic learning through stories where the self-regulation processes and learning strategies are made explicit.
A 14-item questionnaire, modified from Kitsantas' (2002) study, was used to assess the self-regulatory strategies that each student generally employed before, during, and after test taking.
Overall, best practices in logistics procurement involve securing the right resources to implement logistics strategies and the appropriate management of these resources and suppliers.
Those carriers that are willing to link their sales and investment strategies will find that their ability to out-perform competitors in difficult times will be enhanced.
Sue, perceiving few choices to optimize her current resources, used a compensatory approach and two control strategies to resolve her c areer crisis.
Throughout the article some six strategies have been described.
Common health indicators, such as the NCQA's HEDIS metrics, are certainly monitored, however, the results are not typically used to assess financial impact of certain clinical or financial strategies.
Information Strategies also announced the introduction of iCommunicate.
sensitization/monitoring); and (b) intermediate coping strategies (e.
Revisiting the organization's financial strategies and thoroughly analyze cost structures.
The result of his research points to the need by organizations such as libraries - organizations that have tended to secure resources based upon the strength of a culturally based identity - to adopt strategies that will serve to justify the ongoing investment of institutional resources in the entity once the unique aspect of the organization begins to erode.

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