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7 In vitro structure the keratinocytes differentiation and stratification is also controlled by the Ca ions concentration.
The NCCN risk stratification system groups patients into fve risk categories: very low (T1 c and Gleason [less than or equal to]6 and PSA <1 0 ng/mL and <3 positive core biopsies); low (T1-T2a and Gleason [less than or equal to]6 and PSA <10 ng/mL); intermediate (T2b-T2c or Gleason 7 or PSA=10-20 ng/mL); high (T3a or Gleason 8-10 or PSA >20 ng/mL); and very high (T3b-T4 or Gleason primary pattern 5).
Risk stratification is an important part of diabetes and health management.
Another work investigated the potential of lowering the heat release rate of HCCI combustion by using partial fuel stratification to increase thermal stratification with numerical simulation and experiment [5].
For the seeds subjected to stratification for 90 days or for the combined use of scarification and stratification for 90 days, the emergence started around seven days after sowing, with climax between 14 and 21 days and stabilization in the sixth week.
Stratification allows providers to easily monitor risk trends, utilizations, quality metrics, and outcomes specific to each cohort.
In addition to the requirement for clinical information, hospital discharge data (62 percent) and pharmacy data (49 percent) are also highly sought in the risk stratification process.
20 November 2013 - British applied proteomics and peptidomics company Proteome Sciences (LON:PRM) unveiled today the discovery and validation of new protein biomarkers for patient stratification in liver cancer.
For stratification and germination tests fruits were divided into individual mericarps, further referred to as 'seeds'.
Seven social scientists and humanities scholars at Tohoku University, Japan present research results of the East Asian Division of the Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality.
In her study of Nuosu societies in southwest China, Ann Maxwell Hill describes the history of state formation and social stratification, and the problem of historical variation--periods when there were centralized government(s) and periods when there were not, notwithstanding the persistence of social stratification during both kinds of periods.
ANOVA indicated that all characteristics were affected by scarification and stratification x scarification interaction (p [less than or equal to] 0.