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The effect of the direction of in-cylinder mixture stratification was simulated in accordance with table 4 and figure 5.
In this study, the effects of thermal stratification and equivalence ratio stratification were compared.
The results of the thermal stratification are shown in figure 9.
To discuss the factor of the moderate combustion in the thermal stratification, temperature and equivalence ratio distribution of the equivalence ratio stratification and the thermal stratification were compared.
The Second Study: the Analysis of the Thermal Stratification with "Dual Intake Ports Stratification" under the Low Engine Speed Condition
In the second study, the effect of the thermal stratification with "dual intake ports stratification" was evaluated at 1200 rpm with detailed engine model shown in figures 2, 3, 4.
d) Effect of warm stratification preceding cold stratification on seed germination
This assay was performed to discover whether warm stratification (simulating autumn temperatures in the natural habitat -20/7 C and 15/4 C) preceding cold stratification (simulating winter cold -5 C) might enhance the germination capacity of Narcissus alcaracensis seeds, as has been shown in other species whose MPD is overcome by cold stratification (Baskin et al.
Comparing the germination percentage after cold stratification at 5 C, the effects of five factors were analyzed: (1) temperature (six levels); (2) light (two levels); (3) seed age (four levels); (4) length of cold stratification (two levels); and (5) light conditions during cold stratification (two levels).
Embryo growth and the percentage of seeds germinating increased substantially following cold stratification at 5 C for 3 or 4 mo and subsequent transfer to 15/4 C and 20/7 C (Treatments A and B, respectively).
Following warm stratification at 28/14 C for 4 mo and subsequent transference for 30 d (Treatment C), no embryo achieved the threshold E:S ratio at any temperature, and no seeds germinated.