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The manual recommends that the population be stratified by similar types of characteristics or by dollar size for greater efficiency.
13], envisaged some generalized exponential-type ratio and product estimator for stratified two-phase sampling in the presence of non-response.
from ciliated pseudostratified columnar type to stratified squamous epithelium.
Internal gravity waves are supported in a stably stratified medium.
In the core zone heating is not required making stratified air distribution an attractive solution (compared to overhead) if the perimeter zone can be successfully decoupled.
Michelle Biros, professor of emergency medicine at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, said during a discussion that it was "somewhat concerning" that 3% of patients with a disabling stroke and 15% with a nondisabling stroke were stratified by an ABC[D.
it's going to be hard for the stratified or lean-burn direct-injection engine to come on-stream very quickly," says Seetharaman.
After all, the administrative progressives also were maximizing use value, but use for a stratified society that Labaree does not like.
Hambacher in the chapter "Location and Description of Buried and Stratified Sites in Michigan: Geological and Cultural Controls for Site Burial and Stratification".
CANCUN, MEXICO -- Stratified care is the best treatment strategy for acute migraine, Dr.
Armed with honesty, clarity of argument, and the beloved OED, she has sliced through a century of stratified photographic discourse to look carefully at Horsfield's work.