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Scotland's past investment in electronic health records (EHRs) and translational medicine research, coupled with a vibrant healthcare technology industry, positions Scotland as the location to drive forward the stratified medicine agenda globally.
REHVA [Skistad et al 2004] list suitable combinations of systems to provide a comfortable environment while maintaining the benefits of a stratified air distribution system.
If all strata are identical populations, conventional control charts would act as if the stratified sample was a random sample from that common population.
If patients are stratified as moderate to high risk based on an ABC[D.
If a state can audit based on a stratified statistical sample, why not use the same approach to determine the company's current liability?
It has been known since 1895 that the type of epithelium in the nasal mucosa varies by anatomic site, being of a stratified squamous type in the anterior portion of the nasal cavity and of a cylindrical ciliated type in the most posterior portion.
If the mixing occurs in weakly stratified, slowly moving water--the usual situation in the abyss--then it may accomplish dissipation without inducing much circulation.
Stratified as the terrain of Paris was, Charle emphasizes that Paris was also the site of mixing, transgression and the effacement of cleavages (85).
Part I updates Herrnstein's 1973 book IQ and the Meritocracy and documents that American society has become more stratified on the basis of intelligence than it was even one generation ago.
Hence, before the IRS can effectively focus its limited resources on increasing voluntary compliance, the level of noncompliance must be quantified and properly stratified, and its causes must be understood.
org Replication Software Provider to Offer Stratified Rate to IBM BladeCenter Customers at Affordable, Flexible Pricing
Stratified air-conditioning is used to air-condition the lower zone of an indoor space (occupied zone), as shown in Figure 1, wherein the thermal parameters of the air-conditioned occupied zone can fulfill thermal environment design standard.