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Of course the most pioneering streakers - including Coventry's most famous - were flaunting their figures centuries before the seventies, paving the way for future generations, whether they chose to make a political point or honour a drunken dare.
Although organisers had lined up dozens of prospective streakers, the vast majority pulled out at the last minute, presumably due to stage-fright - leaving just four bashful competitors.
They sat through a series of weird and wonderful performances as brave streakers raced onto the centre circle, baring nearly all in a bid to impress.
Well the streaker was arrested He confessed his guilt and shame Oh and by the way, I forgot to say Flash Gordon was his name Well the old folks' home is quiet now Just the odd shout or cheer But they won't forget the night they met Flash Gordon from the rear
It is a cheeky story following a masked streaker who grabs the attention of Newcastle on his first outing before eventually gripping the whole country.
If I had my way, Streakers would have been the one I had published, as I think it'll be the best one I'll write.
Two of the streakers were swiftly grabbed and away - as one official joked: "We do have a dress code here.
Puzzled players saw the naked antics on a giant TV screen before two of the streakers were grabbed by officials, with one joking: "We do have a dress code here.
They were taking part in the Streaker Class National Championships, hosted for the third year running by the Pennine Sailing Club.
The times have past when football stadium streakers were mercilessly pursued, arrested and fined.
STREAKERS have invaded the world of table top football.
A businessman has taken table football one step closer to reality - by including streakers that can halt play.