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Who cares about perfect application - as a result of the streaky effect Coco Brown got maximum exposure and even featured on E news.
Traditionally, Eggs Benedict calls for slices of ham but in this recipe I have used streaky bacon.
Jambonette, made from a chicken leg with the thigh bone removed and the drumstick knuckle trimmed, stuffed with sausage meat and wrapped in a single ribbon of streaky bacon and thyme.
The man has been taken to Streaky Bay hospital with non-life threatening injuries," police said in a statement.
Season the birds inside with salt and pepper and place a sprig of thyme and a bay leaf inside the cavity, smear the breasts with butter and lay a slice of streaky bacon cut in half on top.
That makes sense for gamblers, since a streaky machine is more predictable than a random one.
The Department for Environment and Heritage will also open an office in Streaky Bay and appoint a District Ranger to oversee the conservation areas.
Fry eight rashers streaky bacon, chopped, in a large frying pan for five minutes.
Most people on the panel buy back bacon (71% at least occasionally), or unsmoked bacon most frequently, but buy streaky, pancetta and reduced salt bacon less often.
A smoked streaky bacon gives an especially nice flavour to the bubble and squeak but since it's saltier, only add pepper to season.
We've been a streaky team all year,'' manager Grady Little said before Sunday's game.
Cut the streaky bacon slices in half and wrap each prune in the bacon.