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5 To serve, cut the oaty hash brown into wedges and portion out the streaky bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms.
Now stuff the pocket with the tomato and mozzarella mix and wrap the streaky bacon around the chicken to seal the mix inside.
New Delhi [India] Mar 27 ( ANI ): You're about to eat your mid-work chocolate snack and then you see a white, powdery or streaky substance on the surface of your afternoon delight.
So, I had my recipe - plump king scallops, topped with a sliver of chestnut, wrapped in thin streaky bacon, and glazed with sweet mango.
Assefjah's interest in Renaissance painting suggests a motive for her use of tempera, but the effect of the translucent medium, which dries in uneven, streaky lines of deeper and lighter color, also evokes the ink used by classical Persian calligraphers.
Given its needs to interact with a multitude of suppliers from materials acquisition to assembly, Apple's supply chain record has been streaky in the past.
Streaky the miniature Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is five months old.
Falling fillies Stained streaky legs Bloodied knees Stagger Killed feet bare or flip flopped Shoe-less.
Chicken ballantine made from de-boned leg wrapped around a filling of sausage meat with red wine, garlic and red currant jelly, tied with a ribbon of streaky bacon.
South Australian police said the 48-year-old man was surfing at a beach at Streaky Bay, a town on the country s southern coast, in mid-afternoon when he was bitten on the arm by a shark.
"The milling crowd at the YSL auction was echt urbane in the Paris way: lots of streaky, ratty hair and streaky, ratty furs; ephebic men in gossipy thrall; pretty young women of unclear purpose; deranged-looking dowagers being steered about; and, of course, dealers and clients."
"The flavour of grouse is very special, so I serve it roasted and basted in its own juices, with some game chips and bread sauce to compliment the rich meat." roast grouse 2 young grouse 50g unsalted butter Salt and pepper 2 slices of streaky bacon 2 sprigs of thyme 2 bay leaves 1 small chopped shallot GRAVY Half a glass of red wine (about 50ml) A slug of brandy 200ml strong chicken stock method ?